Monday, January 5, 2009

LinkFixerPlus for Adobe InDesign

LinkFixerPlus for Adobe InDesign allows for the automatic reporting, maintenance and repair of links contained within InDesign documents.

LinkFixerPlus enables users of Adobe InDesign to easily move or rename InDesign files, in batch, along with their linked files, without causing broken links.

Links in InDesign files can either be automatically fixed as the files are moved or renamed, or links can be automatically repaired after the files are moved or renamed.

Additionally, LinkFixerPlus for Adobe InDesign can also generate a variety of detailed link reports showing all of the links contained within the InDesign files. It will even automatically validate each and every link, including links pointing to external HTML Web pages, so that broken links can easily be identified.



  1. hello
    i am having trouble with khmer and indesign ( but khmer language works for other software) do i need to install something special?

  2. Just install new fonts. I work with InDesign. If you can't find. Pls email me.