Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Install new fonts for Nokia N900

Nokia N900 is Linux base phone, so it is easy to use Linux command for copying font. But before use Linux command, we need gain root, and we need to install application name Rootsh from here:

  1. Connect telephone to computer, seclect Mass Storage Mode (see picture)

  2. Copy fonts (.ttf) from PC to Nokia N900. For Khmer I have created new font for Google Font API directly with the size is compatible with small screen, can download here:

  3. Disconnect data cable from PC & N900, and open X Terminal in N900 menu (see picture)

  4. From X Terminal, type:

    -# sudo gainroot (This step is important, if the Rootsh application was installed correctly, after type this command, it should display string “Root shell enabled”, if not, we can turn to to search for reason.

    -$ mv ~/MyDocs/*.ttf /usr/share/fonts

  5. For Khmer language, Nokia N900 has shipped one Khmer font name DaunPenh similar to Microsoft Windows Vista and 7. This font is very small, so it is very difficult read Khmer. We also can use Linux command to delete this font. From X Terminal, type:

    -$ rm /usr/share/fonts/daunpenh.ttf

  6. Restart machine.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Web fonts go mobile

Google Fonts now work for the vast majority of mobile devices, including Android 2.2+ devices, iPhone and iPad! And now with the recent release of iOS4.2, even non-latin scripts like Greek will render beautifully on the iPad and iPhone.

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