Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amazon's Android Tablet $199

Here's why: Amazon's Kindle Fire, available for $199 starting November 15, runs on a highly reworked version of Android. You won't even recognize the interface -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing, of course, depending on what you want. But along with Amazon's changes come some significant differences in what the device can and cannot do.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ZTE T98 Android 3.2 tablet spotted using quad-core Tegra 3

ZTE isn’t exactly a household name in North America, but the company is looking to make a splash with its new 7-inch T98 Android Honeycomb tablet.

What’s so special about the ZTE T98? It’s sporting a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, making it the first non-reference tablet spotted in the wild running a Kal-El chip. To be specific, it ‘s a 1.5GHz version, though it’s been underclocked to 1.3GHz in the interest of prolonging battery life. That slight reduction is necessitated by a diminutive 4000mAh battery — more than 1000mAh less than the dual-core toting (and similarly sized) BlackBerry PlayBook.

Apart from a kick-butt processor and less-than-impressive battery, the T98 offers pretty standard tablet hardware fare. There’s 1GB of RAM onboard along with 16GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi b/g/n support, 2MP front and 5MP rear-facing cameras, and a 3G modem. It’s not quite Galaxy Tab 10.1 thin at 11.5mm, though it does best the PlayBook by about half a millimeter.

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